Shelter Janitorial Maintenance
Job ID 4693 // Posted February 26, 2021

To provide cleaning services to the Shelter facility to assure that the building is clean and presentable at all times.

FLSA:  Non-Exempt, Full-Time

Illustrative Duties:

On a daily basis perform the below task

Empty trash containers and replace liners as needed

Dust mop or sweep hard floors

Damp mop hard floors with neutral cleaner

Clean restrooms with germicidal disinfectant

Polish bright metal parts of fixtures

Clean and replenish hand towel and soap dispensers

Vacuum or sweep entrance mats

Clean water fountains with disinfectant solution and polish

Wipe clean with treated cloth elevator walls and doors

On a weekly basis perform the below tasks

Spot clean glass partitions and doors to remove fingerprints and smudges

Clean and polish mirrors

Spot clean wall surfaces around light switches

Sweep stairwell steps and landings

Wipe with all-purpose cleaner kitchen countertops and cabinets

Wash kitchen sinks with non-abrasive cleaner and disinfect

Wipe kitchen table and chairs with all-purpose cleaner

Empty and clean refrigerators on a bi-weekly basis

Wipe refrigerator and stoves with all-purpose cleaner

On a monthly basis perform the below tasks

Vacuum upholstered furniture

Dust blinds

Clean kitchen exhaust vents


Understand and abide by CASA’s Confidentiality Policy at all times and respect boundaries.

Demonstrate a commitment to treat residents, volunteers, and co-workers in a respectful manner at all times.

Attend and participate in all required trainings.

Complete special projects as requested.

Complete other duties as assigned.

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