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CASA Opens On-Site Kennel

No More Choosing Between Safety for Your Pet and for Yourself

Years ago, Brittany faced a terrible choice. At the time she shared a house with her little dog and an abusive husband. The choice was this: should she escape abuse if it meant leaving, or even losing her pet? This was an impossible choice that no survivor of abuse should have to make.

Today, CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse) is proud to announce the opening of an on-site kennel at its domestic violence center. The kennel will initially accommodate up to 3 small/medium dogs and 2 cats, with further expansion at a later date. Women, children and men escaping abusive homes will now be able to bring their beloved pets with them to a place of healing. People like Brittany will no longer need to choose between staying safe and staying with their pets.

Financial assistance is required for ongoing operations of the CASA kennel and other programs removing barriers trapping people in violent relationships. This includes funding for food, vet and medical care, medications, supplies, and staffing expenses as it moves forward to keep people and their furry family members safe. Online donations are requested through

While “Brittany” is a pseudonym, her situation was real. In fact, 65% of pet-owning domestic violence survivors have felt trapped in an abusive relationship out of fear for their pets’ safety.[1] Meanwhile, only about 3% of domestic violence shelters across the country are equipped to take in pets.[2] After months of planning, construction, and developing training protocols, CASA, Pinellas County’s 501c3 domestic violence center, now joins their ranks at the forefront of the movement to end domestic violence by providing a safe haven for victims, their children, AND their pets.

The CASA Kennel was made possible by generous financial contributions from Cain’s Kids and Critters, FedEx, Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Association, Red Rover and Zonta Club of Pinellas, among others, and many months of hard work by the CASA Kennel Committee (listed below) and shelter staff.

CASA requests financial donations towards the kennel and programs helping people escape violence. These vital contributions should be made at For more information please contact / 727-895-4912.



Committee Chair: Amy Edwards, ASPCA FIR

Martha Boden, SPCA Tampa Bay
Sandy Clenney, CASA/Pet Pal Volunteer
Anna Cooke, The New Barker
Christine Fasan, k9Holistics
Sandi Hudson, Animal Welfare Professional
Paulette Kevlin, Zonta Club of Pinellas
Dr. Rachel Klemawesch, DVM, Northeast Animal Hospital
Donna Lancaster, Zonta Club of Pinellas
Dr. Don Morgan, DVM, Pinellas Animal Foundation
Doris Reeves-Lipscomb, Zonta Club of Pinellas
Patricia Renchnitz, Veterinary Technician
Alicia Smith, Canine Care Tampa Bay


Cain’s Kids and Critters
Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Association
Red Rover
Zonta Club of Pinellas

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