YOU and your team, classmates, social club, colleagues, or, frankly, anyone you can band together, can be a part of the change by requesting one of our trainings. Take a look at available trainings below:

Domestic Violence 101

Learn the basics about the dynamics of domestic violence, how to recognize the signs of domestic violence, and about the essential services CASA provides to survivors in our community.

Being a Better Bystander

Learn how to use the 5 D’s of bystander intervention and how to intervene safely if you see a potentially violent situation happening. This training is trauma informed and with a social change lens.

Pets and Domestic Violence

Pets are a central part of our families. The same goes for survivors. This training is a deep dive into the way abusers will use pets as a means of power and control over survivors.

Children and Domestic Violence

15.5 million children are affected by domestic violence every year. For those who have or work with children, it is important to understand the dynamics of domestic violence with children present in the home and how to recognize the signs of when domestic violence is happening to a child. This training will teach you that and more!

Healthy Relationships 101

This training is for anyone, young or old, who wants to learn more about fostering healthy relationships (both romantic and non-romantic). Learn about how to set boundaries, independence and individuality in relationships, balance, and more!

To request any of our trainings or propose an idea for a specialized training, please contact Ellen Williams!

Email or call (727) 895-4912 ext. 107.

Meet Ellen, our Community Engagement Manager! Ellen is a proud advocate for domestic violence awareness, education, and prevention as well as upholding CASA’s mission of challenging the societal acceptance of all forms of domestic violence.