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CASA Recognizes and Celebrates Indigenous People's History Month

We recognize that CASA is on the traditional Homelands and territories of the Seminole people, as well as other groups including the Calusa and Tocobaga tribes. Violence against Indigenous peoples began with European contact and has continued to this day.

It is important to acknowledge our history so we can ensure we are partners for a better, more equitable future for all people, including indigenous folks.

Indigenous people have long been innovators, educators, and sustainers of social movements. Here are 5 Indigenous women making an impact on our culture.

1.) Morning Star Gail is a member of the Pit River Tribe. She is an organizer and activist whose mission is to reduce incarceration for indigenous people.

2.) Deb Haaland is the first Indigenous U.S. Secretary of the Interior. She was also one of the first Indigenous people to be elected into Congress. She focuses specifically on climate change, Indigenous rights, and protecting sacred land.

3.) Lorelei Williams is a staunch advocate for justice for missing and murdered indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people. In 2012, she formed an Indigenous dance group called Butterflies of Spirit to raise awareness about MMIWG2S.

4) Nicole Gonzalez founded the first Indigenous led birth organization to support Native American mothers to have access to cultural and health services. Seeing that mainstream medical practitioners did not often understand the dynamics and cultural norms of indigenous women, she launched this initiative.

5) Princess Daazhraii Johnson is a climate and #MeToo advocate, tying the violence against women to violence against “Mother Earth” through her research and writing. She is also a producer with PBS and sat on the Board of Trustees for the Institute of American Indian Arts.

"Indigenous people made huge contributions to this country. The biggest is in sharing the land and resources. People need to see that, understand that. Indigenous people should be viewed as the founding peoples of this land." – Perry Bellegarde

We understand that there are so many other advocates, creators, and innovators who should be celebrated. We encourage you to research and center the voices and stories of Indigenous people this month.

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