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Donor Spotlight: Raymond James

Our friends at Raymond James’s Private Client Group sat down with CASA to chat about our partnership and why they choose us as a benefactor of their generosity. Here is what they had to say:

Q: What part of our work interests you most?

A: Creating safe places for members of our community who need it the most while working to normalize the discussion around domestic violence. Education and awareness are powerful tools.

Q: What do you hope our organization will achieve in the near future? In the long term?

A: That you will have the ability to execute your mission for those who need shelter and non-shelter services. In the long term, that CASA achieves the goal of establishing the first Family Justice Center in the state of Florida.

Q: Do you have an anecdote about this cause/organization that really moved you?

A: Learning about what CASA does reminds us that, while an individual may not have personal experience with domestic violence, our community is battling it every day.

Q: How do you see our organizations partnering together in the future?

A: We will continue to support events, encourage associates to volunteer and seek ways to partner around education and awareness.

Q: Do you have a message to share about the work your organization does to support community non-profits?

A: Raymond James is committed to giving back to communities in which we live and work and are proud to support CASA.

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