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Donor Spotlight: Suncoast Credit Union

What part of our work interests you most?

Short term and long term, Suncoast Credit Union’s goal is to improve the lives of our members and to make our community a better place to live. CASA plays an integral role in our community; and providing support to domestic violence survivors is filling a need that some people don’t even realize exists. Understanding that it is a priority to protect the privacy of those you serve, much of CASA’s work happens behind the scenes, and although it is not always visible to the community at large, it is always happening and that is awesome.

What do you hope our organization will achieve in the near future? In the long term?

To continue to be the voice of the underserved and protect those in need, while responding to the increasing needs of all social services as our community continues to deal with so many challenges brought upon by the pandemic.

How do you see our organizations partnering together in the future?

We are committed to enriching our communities through service, charitable contributions and initiatives that fulfill the needs of the underserved. We have been a part of your Peace initiative and hope to continue to support CASA through community events.

Do you have a message to share about the work your organization does to support community non-profits?

We sponsor community events and programs that improve lives, but that also provide volunteer opportunities for employees. We support approximately 400+ causes and community partners in Florida. We work closely with all types of nonprofits, like CASA supporting specific needs of others, professional & business organizations, cultural, environmental, rural, elderly/seniors, children, animals, etc., the list goes on and on! People helping people is the backbone of all credit unions. Our Suncoast team is an amazing group of volunteers. Although employees volunteer throughout the year, in October 2014 we launched the inaugural Pay It Forward Day! This initiative was designed to inspire employees to perform intentional acts of kindness and positively impact the communities where employees live, work and play. Pay It Forward Day continues to be a special day of service for all staff and even this year, we found a way to volunteer to support organizations all over the state virtually (in order for staff to stay safe during the pandemic). Our employees have volunteered hundreds of hours all over the state to support the communities we serve. We appreciate and value our community partners and supporting their needs, and we are grateful for the services CASA provides!


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