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Five D's for Witnessing Domestic Violence during COVID-19


If you are witnessing a situation that has the potential to escalate, take an in-direct approach to deescalate tensions.


If you witness an incident of domestic violence in your neighborhood, delegate by calling 911. Once the incident is over, call CASA at 727-895-4912 to help find resources for the victim.


If you are witnessing an incident of domestic violence, keep a safe distance and document what is happening. You can discreetly record the incident to be given to the authorities but never post it online.


If you're witnessing domestic violence, first assess your safety, then speak up. Keep a safe distance, be firm and direct - let the abuser know that they are being watched. If you're not comfortable speaking up, you can make noise by whistling or setting off your car alarm.


Once the incident of domestic violence is over, stay with the victim until help arrives. Listen to the victim and do not pass judgment on their situation.

If you or someone you know are experiencing domestic violence, please call CASA’s 24-hour hotline at 727-895-4912.

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