To Provide Hope & Safety this Holiday Season

One year. 2,821 survivors of domestic violence.

That’s how many people have received life-saving support and services during the CASA Family Justice Center’s first year open – doubling the number of people served.

When survivors come to the CASA Family Justice Center (FJC), they arrive having experienced a level of betrayal that most can only imagine.


Can support on-site trauma-informed childcare while survivors receive confidential services


Can support crisis counseling services for survivors and their children


Help provide affordable housing support for a survivor and their child


Can help provide safety planning to keep survivors & their children protected

One of the 2,821 survivors who came through our doors this year was 9-year-old Aurora.

The first time Aurora and her mom arrived at the CASA Family Justice Center, she gripped her mom’s hand tightly as they walked into the building.

She was met with a warm smile by one of CASA’s Youth Advocates in a bright and cheery playroom. Her mom went into a separate room to talk about what happened and determine her next steps.

No parent should have to worry about childcare in order to get help, and no child should be left to feel hopeless.

Before the CASA Family Justice Center opened, survivors had to navigate an average of 17 different appointments while missing 53 hours of work – just to keep their families safe. It was a confusing, isolating, and terrifying process.

CASA Pinellas was dedicated to changing that by creating a comprehensive program.

The CASA Family Justice Center provides comprehensive wrap-around services – all in one place, removing additional fear, trauma, and emotional exhaustion while helping families access the services they truly need to stabilize and move forward.

We’re grateful for the support you’ve provided to strengthen CASA’s Services. Now that we’re faced with twice as many survivors, we need more staff, more time, and more resources.

So, we’re challenging you to be a beacon of hope for survivors.

From now through December 31st, your gift is matched by a generous donor.

You have an opportunity to double your impact this holiday season.

The CASA Family Justice Center model is proven to increase survivor safety, increase perpetrator accountability, increase evidence collection, increase communication, and reduce homicides. We are proud survivors are getting the help they need on-site – the CASA Family Justice Center has a 99.9% positive feedback rate.

Due to our positive impact on survivors through the FJC, CASA received the coveted Purple Ribbon Award for Outstanding New Service Launch. The award was presented by and judged by a national panel of respected professionals from the domestic violence field.

We are honored to be recognized for our ongoing impact while, also this year, we were awarded a four-star rating on Charity Navigator for the sixth year in a row – a feat only 9% of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. have achieved.

We know we’re doing everything right for survivors. Now we need your help to reach more.