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Safety Tips for Social Isolation with an Abusive Partner

A pandemic cannot cause domestic violence. It can however, exacerbate power and control dynamics already present in a relationship. Social isolation, stress, financial burdens, and close quarters can create an even scarier situation for a survivor.

Here are a few tips for survivors who may be in social isolation with an abusive partner:

If possible, have a phone accessible at all times and know what numbers to call for help. For emergencies call 911. CASA's 24-hour hotline phone number is (727) 895-4912.

Let trusted friends and neighbors know of your situation and develop a plan and visual signal for when you need help.

Identify areas of the house where there are ways to escape. If you feel unsafe, try to move to those areas.

Teach your children when and how to call 911

If you’re experiencing domestic violence we know it may feel like you’re alone, but our advocates are just a phone call away to help you assess your level of danger and create a safety plan that’s right for you.
Call our 24-hour hotline at (727) 895-4912 | TTY: (727) 828-1269
If you do not have the ability to make a phone call, you can send a message to our account or through Facebook Messenger and an advocate will get back to you as soon as possible.
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