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Volunteer Story

When I moved here in 1986, I began volunteering with Ronald McDonald House and Hospice — both excellent programs. But when Isla Del Sol WGA began supporting CASA in the early 2000s, I became interested in your organization due to the hopefulness of changing lives and breaking the circle of violence toward children.

Since 2004, I have had the immense pleasure of working with the most outstanding CASA personnel, starting from the top with Linda Osmundson. Her vision trickled down to the advocates, peacemakers, and the administrators. The training for the volunteers was excellent, and it pulled no corners describing the effort it took to break away from an abuser.

My first three years were spent at the shelter’s after school care program from 6-8 pm, helping staff educate, feed, and care for the children while their moms learned new job skills. It was amazing to see how each child had empathy for one another. It was fun to help them read and learn computer skills. I also volunteered during the holidays, at community events, and trade shows.

After I retired, I started volunteering at the front desk during the day. Working at the CASA office is where I learned about the dedication of the administrative staff. The teamwork involved in problem-solving and providing comfort is never-ending. CASA encourages compassion and kindness on all levels while reaching the goals for their organization. It is an honor to be involved with CASA.”

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