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Thank you for Standing with us

Thank you for standing with usunited hand in hand, in the effort to break the silence and end domestic violence in our homes and community.

You stood with Jessica as she took the brave steps to leave her husband after enduring ten years of violence. Fleeing in the middle of the night, Jessica and her 7-year-old daughter, Libby, spent their first night free of abuse in the St. Petersburg Police Department parking lot – this is where they learned about CASA.  During the initial meeting with CASA advocates, Jessica quickly realized the need for an injunction to protect herself and Libby. While applying for this restraining order through the court, Jessica discovered her abuser had already filed a petition with Child Protective Services (CPI). This petition ultimately resulted in Libby being removed from her mother and placed into foster care while CPI investigated the abuser’s claims. Not allowing this to break her spirit, and with nowhere else to go, Jessica moved into CASA’s Emergency Shelter.

Jessica and Libby are reunited because of you!  You funded the Shelter that provided Jessica with a safe refuge when she had nothing. You ensured we have the dedicated, trained staff who helped Jessica navigate a very complex system. You have supported access to programs that assisted Jessica in creating a budget for the first time, in finding safe, permanent housing, and steady employment. You have provided the furniture in Jessica and Libby’s new apartment, dishes in their cupboards, and the support groups that both Jessica and Libby now regularly attend. Most importantly, through your support, you helped Jessica discover her value and worth.  And, you have given Libby tools to break the generational cycle of violence.

While we’re happy to report that Jessica and Libby are continuing to thrive in a safe and peaceful home, we need you to know that there’s still work to be done.

It is time to treat domestic violence for what it really is: it is an insidious, complex, and expensive public health epidemic that influences the fabric of our community. To change the Domestic Violence Paradigm, we must erase the stigma that protects it. At CASA, we are exploring innovative ways to change this paradigm:

CASA’s Workplace Training Program gives managers the tools necessary to recognize the signs of domestic violence and navigate this sensitive topic with their employees.

CASA’s expanding Peacemakers Program will bring preventative education and positive relationship skills to more young people in Pinellas County Schools.

CASA’s Creative Collaborations will bring advocates into the local community so that resources are more easily accessible.

CASA’s Community Conversations Series will highlight topics like the economic impact of domestic violence, violence in the LGBTQ+ community, and how men can Stand Up To Silence.

CASA’s team of attorneys and a paralegal represent individuals while navigating the Injunction for Protection process, with an additional goal of creating strong community partnerships.

We thank you for your year-end commitment as our partner and ambassador. By using our collective voices and taking a stand, we can bring peace to our homes and our community.

Together, we can Stand Up To Silence!


Gaelynn Thurman
CASA Board of Directors


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