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Volunteer Spotlight: Mallory
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Please tell CASA a little about you.

I am an extremely passionate individual who thrives on making connections with good hearted people. I’ve traveled the world, I’m a student, I’m a family member and I am a friend. I believe that the only way something can change is when the idea comes from within. I have been working on my growth in all aspects of life and find that when I’m surrounded by others seeking similar change it enhances my drive to continue through life’s obstacles. I find depth in the smallest of puddles and I love that life can thrive even from the deepest darkest depths of the planet. If I can strive for change, and those around me feel the same, then I believe it’s possible for the world to change too. Together we are strongest and together we can achieve all things.

Why do you choose to volunteer at CASA? What do you love the most about volunteering?

I choose to volunteer at CASA because I love the work they do within our community. To help people find safety in their lives and for their loved ones is no easy feat. It takes a team of passionate, loving, nurturing individuals to wake up and not only battle whatever they are dealing with but continue to fight for those who are lost, scared, and abused. I find I feel stronger when I’m around the other volunteers as well as the staff at CASA. Truely amazing men and women. It’s hard not to be inspired by their persistence and effort. While volunteering I’ve been able to work with empowering women and supportive men. Chelle and Tracy make the best teammates and we enjoy each other’s company while we support our community. I love them. Most of all, there is Lee. A wonderful, kind, inquisitive woman whose depth has no bounds. She’s always ready and willing to help or provide support. She is remarkable, it would be impossible for people not to notice. With people like them I have no fear that change is possible and the dream of peace may come true.

Are you INTERESTED IN volunteering? EMAIL OUR volunteer COORDINATOR, Lee Mackinnon, AT

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