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Donor Spotlight: MedMen

What part of our work interests you most?

We are thrilled to be able partner up with an organization that provides a support system for individuals who have faced domestic violence.

What do you hope our organization will achieve in the near future? In the long term?

We hope that your organization is able to continue to help and support survivors of domestic violence within our community, and also in other communities in the future.

Do you have an anecdote about this cause/organization that really moved you?

What moved us the most was your ability to provide safe housing and a safe space for those individuals in need of help and support.

How do you see our organizations partnering together in the future?

We will continue to provide donations to your organization throughout the year as well as provide available volunteers when you need us for it.

Do you have a message to share about the work your organization does to support community non-profits?

At MedMen, we take great pride in helping the communities that we are in. We understand that being a part of a community requires effort and collaboration, and so we work with several organizations that all help build a strong support system for the community, whether that is partnerships that celebrate diversity, to providing food or clothing to someone in need.

Are you interested in making a donation or hosting a fundraiser to support survivors of domestic violence? If so, please email

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