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Newsletter - August 2018

11 year-old Evan wrote a letter addressed to the kids at CASA’s emergency shelter.
It will make you smile the rest of the day. READ MORE
This will be the most inspirational Peace Breakfast ever! We’re passing over the Good Night’s Sleep event this year so we can put all our energy into the 22nd Annual…
Contact Cory Adler, Community Engagement Director, at / 727-895-4912 x114 or visit
Reporting by Duncan Strauss and Karin Brulliard, with photography by Eve Edelheit.
“K. isn’t sure what she would have done had she not found CASA, because she made a vow to Cody on the day they met that she would never leave the dog.
That was several years ago, as K. was driving and saw a man on the side of the road hitting and kicking an overweight golden retriever….” READ MORE
Chuck Smith,Youth Center Volunteer Advocate
“By volunteering at the Youth Center at the CASA Shelter I have an opportunity to provide a positive experience to children who have typically been through some very difficult situations.
I think it helps for the children to be able to relate to a positive male role model, and they seem to see me as the friendly grandpa type.”
What is Chuck’s favorite volunteer experience? READ MORE
Please welcome CASA’s newest team members!

Debbie Doran, Human Resources Manager

“CASA is important to me because I believe in the work we do!

CASA has brought domestic violence into the light, has provided those impacted by it support and the tools to move forward, and is working to prevent it in the future as well as make social change. I am proud to be a part of this organization!” EMAIL DEBBIE

Gabriela Lopez, Community Education & Awareness Manager
“As a diverse Millennial I always wanted to work for an organization that supported everyone in the community regardless of what they look like. Luckily for me this is exactly what CASA stands for. I am very passionate about domestic violence and love how CASA speaks up for survivors when they can’t find their voice.
I look foward to educating our community and breaking common misconceptions about domestic violence. I’m excited to join CASA and be a part of an agency that promotes change!”  EMAIL GABRIELA
Kim Vogel, Community Development Manager
“As the Community Development Manager, I am here to build long term relationships within the area, focusing on all the reasons our friends support this crucial and important work. CASA makes a difference and the voices of our community need to be heard.
I am thrilled to be a part of the CASA team and am humbled by the positive impact CASA has on our community and beyond.” EMAIL KIM

Taylor Withers, Senior Communications Manager

“I could not be more excited to join the CASA team where I can use my eye for design and passion for public relations to make a direct impact on funding and awareness for such a vital service in our community.” EMAIL TAYLOR

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