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Survivors like Joe

Joe felt embarrassed and ashamed that he was experiencing physical abuse from his boyfriend. He had a sense of worth that came from his high-profile job and didn’t want people to perceive him as “weak” or “less-than” if they found out what was happening at home. But Joe knew he deserved peace and safety and made the brave first steps to call CASA for help.

Joe began attending CASA’s LGBTQ+ Support Group, where he was able to unpack the trauma he’d experienced. While the feelings of love for his partner were still present, he developed a love for himself, which he had denied along with much of his identity during the relationship.

CASA Advocates introduced Joe to our Injunction for Protection Attorney Team, who walked Joe through the process of gaining legal protection against his abuser. In addition to CASA Advocates and Attorneys standing by his side at court, Joe’s neighbor testified about the abuse Joe experienced. Ultimately he was able to get a 3-year injunction against his abuser.

Not only did this experience help Joe regain the safety he deserves, but it taught him that he had a support system in CASA and his community and that he didn’t need to feel shame about his abuser’s actions.

Few domestic violence agencies in the United States provide services for men, let alone individuals identifying as LGBTQ+. At CASA, we’re proud to serve all individuals experiencing domestic violence. But with more people accessing our services with unique needs, support from people like you who believe in breaking down the stigma associated with domestic violence is crucial.

Join CASA today and support LGBTQ+ survivors so that people like Joe know that they are not alone.

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Did you know fewer than 5% of LGBTQ+ identifying individuals seek injunctions for protections against their abuser, and only 26% of men in same-sex relationships call law enforcement during a near-lethal domestic violence incident?

Many barriers prevent the LGBTQ+ community from seeking domestic violence services. Obstacles such as unique power and control tactics tied to their identity, lack of trust, and experience of homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia within the “system.”

Together, we can change that.

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