Residential Advocacy Services

Residential Advocates are located at CASA’s emergency domestic violence shelter, transitional housing, and permanent supportive housing facilities (confidential locations) serving 100+ adults, children, and their pets.

Case Managers

  • Survivors are partnered with a Case Manager within 72 hours
  • Case Managers meet with survivors to discuss goals, needs, & barriers in order to assist the survivor with obtaining resources to help meet goals
  • This is the survivors main point of contact while at shelter

Residential Life Advocates

  • Responsible for the daily operations and functions at shelter
  • Works with survivors on daily needs such as food, transportation
  • Facilitate social and recreational activities designed for participants in shelter

Youth Advocates

  • Provide childcare while survivors are on premises (during regular business hours)
  • Assist children with homework and studying
  • Coordinate special activities for the children to provide a sense of fun and normalcy

Non-Residential Advocacy Services

Non-residential advocates are located in the community to help survivors who are not staying at CASA’s emergency domestic violence shelter.

Advocates provide education, prevention, and resources to the community.

Child Welfare Advocates

  • Located at Child Protection Office 
  • Works with survivors and their children

Childhood Domestic Violence Advocate

  • Located at the St. Petersburg Police Department 
  • Works with survivors and their children

Justice Advocates

  • Located at courthouses
  • Provide court accompaniment
  • Help survivors navigate the criminal justice system


Navigating the Justice System

Rapid Rehousing Advocates

  • Works with survivors of domestic violence to help with housing assistance & support services: rental assistance, stabilization services, mediation, credit counseling, security or utility deposits, utility payments, & case management.

*Survivors must meet certain federally mandated criteria to qualify such as having child in the home. If you do not qualify for this program, CASA advocates can connect you to additional housing resources.

Outreach Advocates

  • Located at 1011 1st Ave North, St. Petersburg
  • Meet with survivors to provide in-person support and advocacy

Injunction for Protection Attorneys

  • Supports survivors in filing for an Injunction for Protection
  • Represents survivors in Injunction hearings at no cost to the survivor regardless of income

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